Runway Report: Waichi Circus

Waichi Circus Designer ^ Miwa Lyric

 The above is the 1st Blog reader (that I don’t personally know) that stopped me in my tracks to say “hay, I love your blog” She even took my advice, and wore a pop of neon!!! I feel the love, Thank You Nancy!!! YOU inspired me to continue to stay dedicated to my blog & fashion. If you see me, don’t be afraid to say HI !! BUT be warned,.. I will want to take a picture with you. 🙂
 Waichi Circus has done it AGAIN!!!
 This past Saturday Waichi Circus held its 1st fashion show. 
Waichi Circus is designed by Miwa Lyric & would be considered a street style that can also be dressed up. The bright pops of color are very exciting and very on trend for spring/summer. Currently the line consist of tank tops & leggings, and is rapidly growing to frames, shoes, & art pieces. 
I love how comfortable the clothing is, their is nothing better than being stylish & comfortable!!!!
 Waichi Circus is known for giving back to the community, standing up for peoples rights, and anti-bullying.
 It’s truly a brand that stands firmly for positivity and is anti-negativity. 
You can follow “Waichi Circus” on Instagram & Facebook
Waichi Circus products can currently be purchased at the below pop-up shop for the month of April:
Every event thrown by Waichi Circus is a success, so please join us at the next event, I will keep you updated. 🙂

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