Style Inspiration: Printed Trousers

 Printed Trousers = Comfortable, Cute, and on trend
I loovvvee printed trousers!!!! 
But please!!!!! Be careful when picking the print!!!
Different prints effect different body types in different ways, specially my curvy gals. Also, not all prints are good prints. My above print was giving me the Versace vibe, and had the mix of my favorite colors. 
I also pulled my trousers up, and turned them into high-waisted trouser, because I do not like the baggy crotch look.
When wearing such a busy print, it is best to keep the top a solid color, and to not wear a busy heel. It keeps the look clean.
Good News: I can see them staying around for a few seasons, and losing the baggy crotch. 
Bad News: I think the High-waisted look will only last 1-2 more summers. 
Thanx for checking out by blog!!!!!
Photo Credit:  Nikki Alfonzo 

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