Style Inspiration: Neon 2X


Lets get straight to it! I cant get enough of Neon!! 
It just brightens my mood, lifts my confidence, and has me feelin good!! 

HAHAHAHa In all seriousness, I have heard the wearing bright colors, brighten your mood, and I now believe it!! Neon is more than a trend,..Its a way of life!! Neon may just be my favorite trend of the year!

Don’t be afraid to add some Neon in your life, yes its bright, but try it on and find the right one for you. This yellow neon works well on my complexion, but maybe a neon pink will work better for you.
My top is Waichi Circus, and you can go to to buy your own neon Waichi Circus shirt. It’s my favorite neon shirt!
Pencil Skirt: Forever 21
Heels: Prabal Gurung
Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!

Thanx for checking out by blog!!!!!
Photo Credit: J.

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