Style Inspiration: Belt it

Hay Fashion Luvs !!
Hope you all had a good weekend!!
Today’s post was requested by one of the Blog Followers!!
Belts have come a long way from being used only as a way to keep your pants up. They are now used as an accessory to give your body curves.
I find that belts are best used on dresses & high waist skirts. I love the shape a belt can give the body when worn on the natural waist. I also find that wearing a high waist belt makes me look slimmer.

Not sure how a high waist belt will look on you? Its Okay! Go to a store and try it. There is no harm in seeing how a style will look on you, and you maybe surprised on the beautiful shape that it can give your body

Some people like to wear a high waist belt over a cardigan, and to be honest, that look isn’t very flattering on me. I would encourage you to try the cardigan belted look, it may look better on you, but I have found that belting dresses, and skirts tend to look better.
Trends can be scary to try, but that is what fitting rooms are for. You don’t have to buy the belt or dress, but at least try the look and see how it looks on you. Again, I personally love the high waist belt look because of the curves it gives my body.

(I wish the detail in my dress would have came out better in the pictures, but at least the close up photo of the belt shows you the beautiful print)

 I hope this look inspires you try belting more of your looks!!
Thanx for checking out by blog!!!!!
Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!

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  1. love this look on you! esp the mixture of textures (studs + chevrons, very awesome)

    Thanks for the tip on wearing belts…guess it's just a matter of practice and having confidence in what I pick!


  2. Hay!!

    Yes, trying the look is the best way to know if it will look good on you. Definitely try it with a dress first, and then grow from there.

    Thank you for the Post idea!!


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