Vacation Style Inspiration

Its that time of the year!!!

The weather is warm, and the famous question is asked… 

What am I going to wear on VAY CAY!! 
Here are three different vay cay looks model by my little sister, and are styled according to her style for her vacation!!


 Vacation style depends on the person and on the destination of the vacation.
My little sister is going to a destination that has a lot of sight seeing, so it’s important for her to wear comfortable material and shoes. Her personal style would be described as comfortable, casual, & feminine. 
I styled these looks with clothes that she planned to take on her vacation, and of course she is taking 2-3 of my accessories (that’s what big sister are for, right? hahaha).
I love styling her because her complexion is so rich, and does well with bright colors. Also, her curves bring so much drama to looks.  
She can make casual look amazing.
I hope these looks inspire you to style your vay cay looks according to your personal style, and not what you think everyone should wear on vay cay.  
Be True to you on Vay Cay!

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