Special Delivery: PAUL JAMES

Today’s Post is all about Paul James Clothing Line !!

Enjoy !!

 photo 99606dd5-5216-4258-8d09-0b54da8e8680_zps27cd28ca.jpg

Black Crest Tank photo PJ_HighRes-17_zps79c909b5.jpgYellow Haze Tribal Giraffe photo PJ_HighRes-11_zpsb77d422f.jpgForest Green Crest photo PJ_HighRes-13_zps0bd9c7b0.jpg
Grey LPSJ Survival photo PJ_HighRes-8_zps1394b70b.jpg Navy Tribal Giraffe photo PJ_HighRes-4_zpsfc48cc44.jpg
 photo PJ_HighRes-32_zpsa79c59ae.jpg
 photo PJ_HighRes-34_zps77d8d15f.jpg photo PJ_HighRes-35_zps9f5e5ba5.jpg          photo PJ_HighRes-37_zps1771d86e.jpg 
 photo PJ_HighRes-38_zps6f1f9db2.jpg       From left to right

Theo Perez, Nicole Hernandez,Paul Castillo Basallo, Jhoanne Mecija, Anthony Corbin
Amazzzing right!! 

I have a serious love for street wear, so when I was asked to model for Paul James line, I just couldn’t say no!!

Paul James is designed by Paul Castillo Basallo & would be considered a urban street style.

My favorite part of the line is that their is meaning behind every detail. 

The brand is not just an ordinary street wear line, but a line that is inspired by positivity.

I also love the quality of the material of the tanks. There is nothing worst than a tank that is too tight, but Paul James tanks fit perfectly!

All of the tanks, hats and t-shirts in the above pictures can be purchased: http://pljsco.bigcartel.com/

Follow Paul James on Instagram: PLJSCO

Don’t be shy!! Get your Paul James tank & hat while you still can!! 

Designer: Paul Castillo Basallo
Photographer: Jason Boulanger
Models: Anthony Corbin, Jhoanne Mecija, Theo Perez,  Nicole Hernandez

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!

Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!

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