Fresh: New Classic Clothing

Happy Monday Fashionistas!!! 

Today’s post is a special one for me. 
The sweater, and t-shirt are from New Classic Clothing, and I actually discovered them on Instagram!!
When I found them on insta, I was totally blown away, because we have a similar vision when it comes to street wear.
Their is something really amazing about mixing street wear and classic styles that make New Classic Clothing very special. The line is unisex and can be worn by women and men. Also, the material is amazing! The inside of the sweater is super soft, and comfortable. 
I love that the t-shirt can be dressed up or down. I decided to dress mine up by cuffing the sleeves, and wearing classy heels, and a classic pencil skirt.
It is easy to dress down when it comes to street style. I could have easily worn the t-shirt with jeans, but I wanted to show you guys that street wear can be dressed up too. 

The Sweater & T-shirt can be purchased at New Classic Clothing

 The prices are VERY affordable, and they are currently having a Buy 1 get 1 free, AND FREE SHIPPING!!!!

Check out the website:

Follow the line on Instagram @newclassicclothing
Twitter @newclassicco

 Buy one before they are SOLD OUT!!!

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!
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Photo Credit: M.C.


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