Black & White Makes It all right Feat 16 Styles Boutique


Fashion LUVVS!!!
Hope you all had an amazing weekend!!
Todays post clearly brought out my side of Edge. First off, I love the design of my crop top by 16 Styles Boutique. The cut outs are done in a very classy way to where it doesn’t feel overly revealing. Also, my faux leather shorts are one of my favs for summer. There is something about them that make me feel so… “cool” haha
When styling the 16 Style Boutique crop top, It would have been easy to wear denim high waisted cut off shorts, or a high waisted maxi skirt, but I wanted to show you guys something out of the box, that you may have not thought of.
This look is fun for a summer night out with friends.
The crop top can be purchased at:
16 Styles Boutique also has Plus Size Clothing!!!

The boutique is about fitting all women’s fashion needs, no matter if you are a size 5 or a size 12.

You Can Follow the Boutique on Instagram: @16StylesBoutique

I personally want you to know that you can count on my blog for style inspiration, and that you will get a variety of styles on my Blog.

My blog post are to inspire you to add to your style. I want you to look at my blog, and say “wow, I never thought about styling it like that.”

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!
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Photo Credit: M.C.

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