Fashion can be a tool for your SUCCESS

Happy Thursday My Luvvs!!!
Today I’m going to share some Fashion Knowledge
If there is anything that you ever get from this blog, I would want it to be this, “Fashion/style is a tool that can help further your success”-Me.
1. Don’t let your attire hold you back from your success: 
 If you want to make more $$, get promoted, then You have to Act like a Boss & dress like a Boss, to BE the Boss!!!
2. Wardrobe says a lot about who you are:
 There is an old saying that “to get the part, you gotta dress the part”
3. Gain the respect that you deserve:
By showing in your appearance that you take your job seriously, others will take you more seriously. 
Fashion isn’t always about personal style, and trends. It can be used as a tool to get you the job that you want, or to connect you to your specific audience. 
Celebrities don’t consistently dress within their brand for no reason, they want to stay connected to the people they inspire. 

  For Example: If La La Anthony were to start to dress like Lady Gaga, her fans would feel confused, and would ask her why she is wearing costumes. La La is a girl next door & relatable. Lady Gaga style is far from relatable, she wears a variety of one of a kind outfits. Both of them are beautiful women, and have unique styles, but they are nowhere near close to each other on the style forecast. 

 I hope today’s post encourage you to expand your wardrobe, so that you can increase your bank account. 🙂 

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!

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