Style Inspiration: Back to School

Hello Everyone!!
Don’t you just love this time of the year?
Kids are going back to school, Football is starting, back to school shopping, & you can not forget about school supplies shopping!!
Plus Fall will be here any minute!! Fall is my FAVORITE fashion season!!!
This look is inspired by this time of the year. I believe school fashion should be cute, comfortable, and casual. You never want to be that person in school that looks like they are trying to be cute.
Do not over think your school fashion, make sure it looks effortless.
How do you make you school style look effortless?
By wearing casual clothes that have interesting detail. 
For example: In my above look, I could have worn regular jeans, but the rip brings an interesting detail that adds to the look. Also, my heels bring a fun detail to me look. 

I hope this information is helpful as you prepare for your school year, or your child’s school year.

Photo Credit: Monica Shantal

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!

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