Style Inspiration: A Little Rock & Roll

Hello Fashion Luvvvs!!!

As you can see, it doesn’t take long before my “side of edge” comes out. lol
 I cant help but want to spicy things up every once in awhile. 

Today’s look will allow you to see how you can use pieces differently. 
For example: The above skirt was used in my “Skater Skirt trend” post, and was styled in a very sporty way. Also, I often wear the top to work with a high waisted skirt (example in my first post).
 It’s very important when shopping that you buy pieces that can transition into various looks. You will get the best out of your closet if you are able to wear multiple looks. You never want to be stuck to one look.
“Variety comes with growth, and growth is inevitable when wanting to be successful.” – Nicole Hernandez
So the next time you are shopping, look at the piece of clothing and think of all the ways you can wear the item  before purchasing.

Photo Credit: Monica Shantal

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!


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