Fall Fashion Inspiration for Curvy to Plus Size Women

Hello Luvvs!!!!
Today’s post is for my Curvalicious Ladies!!!

Here are a 5 Fall Fashion trends with style inspiration:

1. Peplum Tops & Dresses
Loving that this trend is continuing into Fall!! 
If you  have never tried on a peplum top then,… 
(try one on asap)

 2. Trench Coat
They add character and structure to your look while keeping you warm.
Make sure your TC is NOT too big, it should be fitted, and showing off your curves.


3. Sheer
This trend is best done at the top of your dress or top.
  (Forever 21)                                                 (Forever 21)
(Forever 21)                                                    (Forever 21)
4. Leather

                 (Forever 21)

                       (Forever 21)                                                     (Forever 21)

5. Plaid
 The biggest trend of Fall
(Forever 21)
(I do not own any of the above photos)

Fall is always about layering with current trends. 
The purpose of knowing trends is to grow your personal style, not to be trendy. Personal style growth is important because it allows you to show who you are and how far you have come.
I purposely put up Forever 21 looks with the trends to show you that there are stores that have cute clothes that are on trend for curvy girls.

Not sure if a trend would work well on your curves? 
Then go to a store and try it on!!! It is FREE to try it on.

I hope this post inspires your personal style ❤

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!


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