Style Inspiration: Transition Into Fall

It’s Friday!!!
I don’t know about you, but I am ready for the weekend!

Today’s look is a Summer to Fall Transition Inspiration

The weather is starting to change out here in Cali-forn-ia. 
Its hot one moment, and cold the next. Therefore, when it comes to your personal style you should plan accordingly. Adding a jacket or sweater to your look is a easy way to make sure you are prepared for the weather. 
As we are moving into a colder season, take advantage of being able to layer your clothes. The layers will add dept to your outfit and keep you warm.
At this moment we can still get away with wearing sandal heels, but in about 3 weeks, it will officially be boot season!!
(boot season varies depending on where you are located.)

 My above look would be considered a urban street style, but the heels give the look a side of feminine. I kept the jewelry simple with studs and a watch, because of the layering. I didn’t want the look to be overwhelming, and as I have stated before I never want to look like I am trying. I always want my look to be effortless.

Looking effortless it what makes a look chic. – Shantalcole

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!

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