Men’s Fashion Week (Day 2) Feat: Control Sector – F.R.E.D – Vlado Footwear

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Men’s Fashion Week was a two day event held at California Market Center in Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to attend day two of Men’s Fashion Week.

Enjoy your front row seat to the following lines that were presented at day two of Men’s Fashion Week.
Control Sector 

Before Control Sector hit the runway, there was a lot of talk about what could be expected from the line. Once the line started hitting the runway it become more and more clear that Control Sector was able to mix current trends with street wear. It was beyond brilliant that they were able to make ombre on men look cool. I luved the placement of the tribal prints on the sweat suit and on the sleeves of the shirts

Watch out for Control Sector, they are definitely willing to take the type of risk needed in order to stand out in men’s street wear.

Learn more about Control Sector:
Also follow them on instagram/ twitter: @controlsector


Talk about being bold. F.R.E.D, standing for: Function, Rogue, Essence and Demand, allowed the illustrations on the shirts to tell a story that made you instantly want to ask questions. It was as if the illustrations had a story behind them. My favorite look was the sweat suit. I found it really cool they they were able to transfer the moto look onto a sweat suit.

Learn more about the line:
Also follow them on instagram/ twitter: @fredlifestyle

Vlado Footwear

First, Vladao Footwear put on an amazing performance. The show started off with three dancers break dancing on the runway!! Dope Right! It blew me away. Second, who ever styled the looks, did an amazing job. The style of each look captured the characteristics of the shoe. I also luved the variety of shoes in the line. There were boat shoes, high tops, low tops, shoes that light up, and different textures.

Learn more about the line:
Also follow them on instagram/ twitter: @VLADOFOOTWEAR

I personally had a good time at Men’s Fashion Week, but I really wish I could have made it to the first day. Next time I will make sure to go to both days. Luved that Men’s Fashion Week shows were during the day. Due to the event being during the day I decided to dress casual cute

Thank you Men’s Fashion Week for putting on such an amazing event!

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Photographs were captured by: Peter Kasabian

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