30 Day Fitness Challenge!!

There is now a motivation page on the blog!!

This page is created to motivate you through the good and the bad. People that personally know me. Know that I am very driven to succeed. How do I always have a drive to succeed? I am always on the search for ways to stay motivated. To have a vision or a dream is not enough, one must be motivated to accomplish the dream. With success comes a lot of challenges and this page will be dedicated to motivate YOU to persevere through those challenges.
In celebration of the new Motivation page, I want to challenge you to a 30 day Fitness Challenge!! For the next 30 days, we will work out a minimum of 30 minutes a day starting November 1!!!

There will be bi-weekly post on the motivation page to encourage you through the 30 day challenge and will continue with motivation bi-weekly after the challenge.

Follow me on Instagram and on Facebook = @Shantalcole
Stay up to date with my daily workouts and eating habits. 
It will be proof of me working out daily.

So lets do it together!! 

#shantalcole to let me see that you are working out!!

I will be re-posting your workout pics on my Facebook and Instagram!!

Comment below to let me know you have taken the challenge!!

Challenge starts November 1, 2013

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