LA Fashion Week: Sue Wong "Jazz Babies" Spring 2014 Collections

Happy Monday Luvvs!!

It was truly my honor to see Sue Wong’s “Jazz Babies” 2014 collection.

First off, I was extremely excited to see Sue Wong’s Spring 2014 collection. Everyone I knew had Sue Wong on there list of mandatory shows to see during LA Fashion Week. And let me tell you!! Her show did not disappoint her packed crowed at The Cicada Club in downtown Los Angeles. I was NOT mentally prepared for such an amazing show. The way Sue was able to capture the 1920’s Flapper dress and mix them with current trends was beyond amazing. The details were breath taking, and the accessories were perfection.

Here is how Sue explains inspiration for her 1920’s Flapper collection:
“Before then, women were only ever portrayed as an extension of a husband or her parents. From the sparks of rebellion in the way they dressed and expressed themselves, those amazing women pioneered the kind of empowered attitudes and lives we have today.”
Sue Wong (on the right)
I left the show feeling extremely inspired. Sue Wong truly has a gift. Her collection was simply beautiful, romantic, elegant with a side of sexy.

I look forward to going to Sue Wong’s Future shows. Next time I will be mentally prepared for her greatness.

Sue Wong’s collection can also be purchased at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Macy’s and is internationally in over 27 Countries. Her price range starts at $229, which is extremely affordable considering the type of detail that is in her dresses.

Please Check out her full collection:

I also ran into the gorgeous Heidi Nazarudin at Sue Wong’s fashion show. Heidi is such an inspiration to many bloggers. Check out her blog . If you are a blogger, join her association The Blogger Babes.
I am a member of her Association, and she  gives useful tips and throws exclusive events for bloggers. Also, her books are must have!! She explains how to be successful as a blogger and gives good advice.

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