Straight To The League

Happy Monday Luvvs!!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to the street wear brand
Straight To The League!!!
The following are photos of me wearing Straight To The League tees & beanie.

Before I even start, you guys know I LUVV a street wear line that has meaning behind the line. So, when I came across Straight To The League on Instagram, and saw that not only was the line dope, but they’re dedicated to a “Movement that promotes greatness on all levels and the mentality and mindset that says; I can accomplish anything!”
I instantly fell in luvv!! Plus with a name like Straight To The League, I had to feature them!! I luvv the designs and fabric quality of both shirts. Also, the fit was perfect!
 Straight To The League is known for creating tees for sneaker heads. GENIUS!  
Sneaker Heads are always having a hard time creating outfits for their shoes. The fact that Straight To The League came up with a solution for Sneaker Heads is ground breaking!!
Here are a few examples of tees that Straight To The League created for Sneaker Heads.

As if that wasn’t enough, Straight To The League is expanding their line with a Organic Collection. They were extremely nice to forward me one of the tops from the collection, and let me tell you!! They are so soft!! My best friend touched the tee, and instantly fell in luvv. haha

Here are a few of the tees from the Organic Collection.

Straight To The League found a solution for Sneaker Heads, created a Eco friendly collection and does it all for the purpose of motivating others to be the best that they can be.  
How awesome is that! In an industry where so many street wear lines are creating with no purpose, Straight To The League is using their line to motivate others!
I have so much respect and appreciation for the Straight To The League movement. ❤
I highly recommend that you check out more of their collection on:
Follow them on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @StraightToTheLeague 
 A special THANK YOU to Straight To the League for allowing me to feature them!!

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!
Photo Credit (of Shantal Cole wearing Straight To The League): Monica Shantal
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook – @SHANTALCOLE

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