5 Fashion Myths: What Most Fashionistas Wont Tell You!!

Hello My Luvvs!!

Today I am going to share with you 5 Fashion Myths!!
Being a Fashionista isn’t about playing to the rules, but about expanding you style. Therefore, I am going to clear up some myths today, so that your style may grow into the best Fashionista that you can be!
Alright!! Lets break down these Fashion Myths!!  
 1. Gold and Silver Together
One of my biggest pet peeves is when people say you cant wear gold and silver together!! I don’t know who started this myth, BUT it must be stopped!! I mix Gold and Silver ALL the time
The best way to try mixing silver and gold is starting with rings,bracelets and watches.
2. Tall Women Shouldn’t Wear High Heels
Fist of all, high heels make women look leaner. So, just because I am tall, I should get to look leaner? No way! I am 5’7 and when I wear some of my heels, I am 6’0.  🙂

Love your Beautiful Tall Self!! You can wear any heel you want to wear!

3. Matchy Matchy 
Just because your heel color matches your purse, doesn’t mean your outfit is cute. I always hear women in stores say, “Oh my gosh these shoes would match my purse, shirt or belt perfectly!” Now, its okay to want to wear the same color in your outfit, you just dont want it to become the outfit.

What does that mean?

Don’t let all the matching take over your look, let color accent your look.

  4. No White After Labor Day
 I will be honest, I never understood this myth. Growing up as a California girl and having a midwest Certified Fashioniata Mom, I was always told I couldn’t wear white after labor day. I can remember being a little girl, and my Mom saying:
“Okay, it’s almost Labor Day; makes sure you wear all your white before Labor Day”
I didnt get it. Why cant I wear white? Lets just say, I found a way to wear winter white. I understand if you are in a colder state, and weather may cause a problem winter white. But if you want to wear white in the fall and winter, you can! 
Wearing white in the fall/winter has become a statement to express ones style. Celebrities like, Kim Kardashion, Ciara, Nia Long, and Adrienne Bailon have been caught wearing fall/winter white this season
Be a trendsetter. 

5. Sequins Only at Night
Its okay to wear your sequins and sparkle during the day. Just don’t over do it. Accents of sparkle and shimmer will keep your look chic and acceptable for daytime. 
Don’t let a myth hold you back from your shine!

A lot of honesty in this post.  
I truly wanted to acknowledge theses Myth’s, so they do not hold you back from expanding your style!!
So which myth are you going to try first?

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!
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One comment

  1. I mix both Gold and Silver only if its 10% of one and 90% of the other… Just so they don't clash! But hey to each their own right? LOL. I agree with you, why tall women can't wear heels? That's just like saying short women can't wear flats… LOL! Again, I agree with you with the matchy matchy part, don't completely wash the look out with way too much matching! I still don't understand the no white after labor day myth, I still do it though. Hhahahha! Sequins are here nor there… Never heard that myth but you are right you can wear sequins anytime you want! I loved reading and laughing at your blog post. It's so true! I just followed you and I'm checking out the rest of your blog. This was definitely a good read! 🙂


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