The Shance Competition

Happy Monday Luvvs!!! 

Okay, so I must admit, I have been up to something!!

If you didn’t already know,.. I am currently having a pose competition on Instagram.
What? You didnt know?
First Follow me on Instagram = @Shantalcole

An Instagram follower @mrwelldressed wrote me on Instagram and said that my “signature poses deserved and signature name.” He then came up with SHANCE!!!

Shantal + Stance = Shance

You can enter the competition by tagging #theshance to your best poses on IG for a chance to win $100!!!

The winner will be announced Janury 1, 2014

I am beyond excited to start the someones year off with an extra $100!!!

Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpeg

I have always been obsessed with extreme poses so when I first started blogging, I didn’t want to post the same boring poses that most bloggers post. I wanted to post the poses that that I try with my friends and sisters. Editorial models have truly inspired me to try a variety of poses. 

So the next time you get in front of a camera, try something different than just a smile. 
Arch your back, hold your ankle, and grab your waist!
Don’t FALL!! 
Be fierce!!
Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook – @SHANTALCOLE

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