The Bank Sale

Hello Everyone!!

Today I am excited to share with you my experience at The Bank Sale!!

What is The Bank Sale?

The Bank Sale is the Biggest Streetwear Expo in the World!
Streetwear brands come from around the world to expose there brand to fashion buyers and to the public. 

 It is Streetwear Heaven.
The best thing about The Bank Sale expo is that you get to become more familiar with a variety of streetwear brands. As you guys know, I luvv streetwear, so I will be doing a future post about the brands that I met at the expo. 
5 Reasons Why you should go to the next Bank Sale Expo:
1. It is one huge Streetwear party. Power 106 was in the building!
2. The people at the event were super chill. No drama.
3. You can purchase the brands that you love.  
4. Some designers gave discounts.
5. A lot of free giveaways!!
**Random Fact that I didn’t know before the expo:
The power of STICKERS! Every designer was giving away stickers. In the streetwear community, stickers are a part of the marketing strategy. 
Who knew? I certainly didn’t, but I now have a lot of stickers. lol

The Bank Sale will always have a special place in my heart because,..

It is the first event that I have ever done INTERVIEWS!!

If you have been following me on Instagram (@shantalcole), then you know I am expanding my Blog APRIL 1, 2014!!

The Interviews that I did at The Bank Sale will be apart of my April 1, 2104 Launch. I cant wait to share more info about the brands that I met at The Bank Sale with you 4/1/2014!!


Ty Dolla $ign also performed at The Bank Sale!!

He gave an amazing Performance!!

A special Thank You to all the designers that I interviewed, and to The Bank Sale for allowing me to cover the event. 

I look forward to attending the next Bank Sale Expo!!

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Photos were captured by: Knight Lux Production

Thanx for checking out my blog!!!!!

Tomorrows Post- Spring Trend Report

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