There Is Power In What You Wear

Have you ever judged someone by the way they were dressed?


We are all human and have our good and bad days, but the truth is that we judge each other by our attire. I am not saying that it’s right, but we occasionally do it. 

So if we are going to judge each other, why not use it to our advantage!


You want to move up in your career or job?
 Then dress better then everyone.

Not only will you stand out, but people will take you more seriously and will treat you with respect.  

There is power in what you wear. 

Too expensive to dress nice?

Find a nice thrift store in your area. That is where fashionista find the best treasures. 

I personally go to a thrift store called Platos Closet and have purchased very nice blazers for $10-$15 dollars, dresses for $5-$20 dollars and shirts for $2-$10 dollars.
Fashion and style is more then something you just wear, it is a way of communication who you are.
I challenge you to start dressing better in your career!

This article was written by: Shantal Cole
Instagram/Facebook/ Twitter: Shantalcole

Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and we will feature it on the blog!
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