Thrifting 101: A few Tips for smart and productive Thrift Shopping

Hi guys! I am back with another post! Today, I would like to talk about something that I enjoy doing and if, like me, you live on a budget and/or love unique fashion pieces, you might love it too! I discovered thrifting a few years ago, after I moved to the United States, and have been thrifting ever since. 
While I do buy new clothes online and in stores too, I’ve found that over the years, my favorite pieces are either vintage from  boutiques and family, or found in  secondhand stores. The main reason is because I get to buy incredibly unique pieces that I just won’t get anywhere else! So here are a few tips I’ve learned through my few years of thrifting.
Take Your Time.

While thrift shopping is cost-effective and fun, it can also be very overwhelming for a beginner. Most secondhand stores are crowded, somewhat messy and over-stocked thus push impatient shoppers to quickly turn on their heels with horror lol You just gotta keep in mind that finding the perfect skirt or pair of pants takes time and some trying on, even at the mall. So take a deep breath and rummage through these miles of clothing slowly. Think of it as hunting for a treasure and have patience. 

Wear  Easily Changeable Clothes and shoes

Before you go shopping, be sure to wear something you can easily change into and out of because you will obviously try the clothes on. Wear a full dress /skirt (with black tights underneath if you’re prude lol) and a tank top with a jacket  over it when you go thrifting. This way, you can try on pants or skirts easily (over the tights) and jackets and shirts (over the tank top), plus you won ‘t  wait until you get into a dressing room if they have one. Most thrift stores don’t have fitting rooms so be prepared to try things on as you go.
Be Open-Minded.

Since thrift stores are usually cheaper, you can afford to buy pieces that are different from what you’d normally wear. Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try something different! Most of the bold peices in my closet come from the thrift store. You can get cool printed shirts and sweaters, or vintage dresses and purses that will be the center of attention wherever you go!
Use All Your Senses
Be on the look out for stains ( under arms), rips and missing buttons; Closely Examine the labels labels and search  good quality brands that you’re familiar with. Some pieces are handmade/sewn and  don’t have any labels but feel fabrics for thin spots or low quality materials  If an item smells funny, put it back. Strange smell can easily permeate into the rest of your wardrobe  and are really not worth the trouble they present, regardless of how unique a piece might be. 

Sort Through 

It’s easy to buy too much when things are affordable. Sort through your finds of the day and decide  which piece you really are in love with. This will prevent you from having a closet full of clothes that you don’t wear. Even if you walk away with just one or two great items from a long and tedious thrifting session, that is ok. It’s quality that you should be concerned with, rather than quantity.  
As with most things, practice makes perfect, so give yourself a few trips to the thrift store to figure out what works for you. Hope these tips help and encourage you to explore this economical way of finding fashion tresures! what are some of your best/favorite thrift finds?
Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, take good care and have a great day!

Merci et a très bientot
Dolly K

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