Power Brunch LA Summer 2014, Best Dressed

Brunches are usually an event where you dress up and show out. But what about your personal style? How do you dress nice, according to the theme and still dress like the true you. I recently attended Power Brunch LA for Summer 2014 held by Miss Dunnieo. Miss Dunnieo is well known through out Los Angeles for all of her popular special events, so with this being her 2nd brunch I could not miss out.

At the brunch there were so many nice styles, I had to take notes. These people you can tell still incorporated their personal style into their outfit and looked great at doing it.

Here are my top picks of the outfits I loved at the brunch:

Wearing a crop top and pencil skirt is such a popular 

trend. But pairing it with a unique top takes it to another
 level. Here she (@ulovemegz) paired a unique crop top with 
a nice basic basic skirt.


This was my FAVORITE outfit, I loved it, she  

(@azurdede) really stood out in this (Philthy Ragz) jumpsuit.  
The deep V cut was very sexy yet still just enough to still stay
classy. She really killed this look!


Being able to take simple pieces and still stand

out can be hard but (@keepingupwithrari)
makes it look so easy. Paring a plain color dress,
with bright bold pieces can take make any outfit

Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!
This article was written by: Myra Hollis 

Instagram: Myrashawnise


Thank you for your constant support!!!

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