Plus Size Style Inspiration: Crop Top

Hello Fashionistas!!

Today’s post is for my full figured, curvalicious ladies!!

As you already know, crop tops have been a huge trend for the past few seasons, but I often get asked by my plus size ladies on how to wear the crop top trend. 

Here our some example of plus size ladies wearing crop tops!


It’s important that you feel comfortable in the crop top. You can expose as much or as less as you would like of your mid section, depending on your shape.


One of the biggiest misunderstandings on a crop top is that you have to show your midsection, which is False!!! You can wear a crop top with high waisted jeans, shorts or skirts and NOT show your mid section at all!!

Crop tops can always be worn in the fall with jackets and leggings.

We are excited to announce that Fashionably Informed will be posting more plus size post! So check back with us daily to stay up to date on the latest trends!!!

Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!

Thank you for your constant support!!!
Post are up Monday through Friday!

This article was written by: Shantal Cole 
Instagram/Facebook/ Twtiter: Shantalcole


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