Ankara Festival Los Angeles Part 1

Hello guys! It’s been a while since you’ve read something from me but that is about to change because I have a few posts coming up your way very soon. First up is a few designers that showcased during  Ankara Festival Los Angeles at the Belasco Theater in Downtown LA this past Sept 6th. Enjoy!

1. Chidex Designs

This collection was  very feminine, sexy and for the confident and bold woman! I also noticed that Blue might be the designer’s favorite color because most if not all of the pieces had a hint of blue on them. lol On their site, it says that the designer “adds a Nigerian element to almost every design because that is her way of keeping to her Nigerian roots and adding her own flavor to each design.”
I absolutely loved the 2 far left dresses! Just Amazing ❤
Designer Chidera Aneke with her finale Model

2. Beatrice and Francis by Rosemary Mlekwa

I really liked the jumpsuit (2nd picture from the left)
The collection was modern, fun and elegant with a mix of African prints, lace and embroidery. Rosemary says in her mission statement that “B&F aims to serve as a design that makes sense in 21stcentury fashion while maintaining feminine edginess and providing unique hand craftsmanship influenced by the designer’s Tanzanian culture: details such as embroidery work and hand beading.”
The yellow gown on the left gave me so much life!!! The blend with the model’s skin is just perfect. Too bad I don’t have a back view of it but it was a bowabd the dress had a train. 
Find them on Twitter Here and on Instagram Here

3. Nubi Collections

The 2 dresses on the right were my favorite from the collection

As the name suggests, Nubi Collections recreates Fashion of Nubia, more specifically fashion from Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Also, styles  from Greek and roman times are featured. There was a lot of draping and beading, and the use of neutral colors for the most part.

Another yellow piece that I liked that night. The model rocked it too!
Designer Nyamal Dol with her finale model. I love that dress!!!

4. Dewan Apparel

Love that shirt on the left

Dewan Apparel is a menswear company based in LA. From the cut of the shirt to the use of prints, you can tell that Dewan Apparel pays very close attention to detail. I liked that the shirts were clean and sharp but not so crisp that you are limited to just wear it in a few places. They definitely give you versatility in styling their pieces.

My favorite Male models. On the left,  Duaine Richmond Fela,  Host of the Show rocked!
Designer Chidera Chime (Middle)

5. Ankara Fashions

Ankara Fashions was one of my favorite designers of the night! The reason being that they were amongst the few desingers who incorporated Ankara (African Print) in all of their designs and I appreciated that. After all, Wasn’t it Ankara Festival? haha

One fun aspect of their site is that YOU get to design and put together your outfit! (how cool right?) So it’s a polyvore for African Print with the difference being that your pieces will be designed by Ankara Fashions I believe. I will let them do the explaining lol:

Ankara Fashions by Ronke Adetoba was created as a fusion of the love for the African heritage, love for bespoke clothing, shoes and handbags and the ultimate desire for individuality.  All designs are one of a kind because they are designed for YOU, by YOU!  Our seamless web designer tool and process is simple and fun to use.  You pick exactly how you want your dream shoe and handbag to look and we make them according to your specifications.  Your designs will always stand out as there will be no one else with your exact designs.”

Designer Ronke Adetoba with her finaly model. Looove this outfit!!!
Find them on Facebook Here 
 Stay tuned for more Designers from Ankara Fest and other posts coming your way soon! 
Here’s  a quick shot of me at the AnkaraFestLA red carpet

Merci et à très bientôt! 

Pictures Captured by: Hiram Saro
Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: Ethnikculture 

Thank you for your constant support!!! 
 Post are up Monday through Friday!

Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!



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