Fall Style: Monochromatic

Fashion Luvvs!!

This Fall is all about wearing all one color. Yes, you heard me right. Monochromatic style is in. Most people like to wear this color in a variety of beige to brown colors. I would like to encourage you to take the risk and try wearing bolder colors, like burgundy and canary yellow. If you are going to take the risk of wearing a a bold color, then go with the deeper tones. 

Here are some examples of Monochromatic styles done well.
As you can see above, there are ways to add your personal style to the Monochrome trend. You don’t have to match your heels, and your can add a touch of white to help your look to not be as overwhelming.
I hope this post inspires you to try this trend.

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This article was written by: Shantal Cole

Instagram/Facebook/ Twtiter: Shantalcole


Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog!


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