Trend Spotlight: Crochet pieces

As a kid I grew up hating crochet items because my grandma would crochet anything you could think of. At one point she became popular for her crochet plastic bag designs. YES, plastic bags. She can take a plastic bag and make it into anything, from a skirt to a backpack ( you name it). Now, here I am fast forward into the future loving crochet items. I find that they can be pretty expensive but definitely worth it.

My favorite person to order from is Kecia (, She can take any idea you have and make it happen.

Her Instagram is or

Below are some of my favorite pieces that I have bought from her.


This white bralet goes perfect with white pants.
This print looks good with almost any bottoms.
This halter is just so adorable.
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This article was written by: Myra Hollis

Instagram: Myrashawnise

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