The Bank Sale 6: Believe In Your Brand

Hey Luvs!

This past Saturday was The Bank Sale, The Biggest Street Fashion Expo, and as always I was on the hunt for the best up incoming Streetwear brands. 

Here our some of my favorite brands from the expo.

Fifty Cvliber caught my eye with its ability to mix the classic Black & White with specific detail. I fell in love with the above sweater, the side gold zipper won over my heart. The brand has only been up for six months, but I expect Fifty Cvliber to become a popular brand.

Learn more about Fifty Cvliber:
 Instagram: @FiftyCvliber

 Damas automatically caught my attention with its creative quotes like “We dont run with the boys, we challenge them” and “See you Chumps on Top.” Damas created the perfect touch of femininity to there women empowerment brand by choosing colors that made each piece stand out. I personally love the brand and look forward to purchasing one of the tees.
Learn more about the Brand:
Instagram: @ohhdame 

I was so happy to see Karl Kani at The Bank Sale! Karl is by far one of the most inspirational streetwear designers. Karl found motivation for his brand by asking himself daily, “Can I?”, hence where the “Kani” came from in the name. His brand took off in the early 90’s and took over the hip hop world. The collection is a staple in streetwear and a must wear brand. 

Learn more about the brand:

Quietly Wealthy Co was by far one of the most refreshing streetwear brands at The Bank Sale. It was nice to see a brand that was about being humble about ones success. The brand redefines the characteristics of a wealthy person, and chooses “Realness Over Millions.”
Learn more about the Brand: 
Instagram: @quietlywealthyco


Prospex LA spoke to my inner Hustler self. I love the strong women empowerment vibe with the side of cocky. The tee “Not your Bae” was my favorite and the Slay hat is a must have. I look forward to the growth of Prospex La, I think they have what it takes to make a true statement within street style. 

Follow on Instagram: @ProspexLa 


 Chase Dreams Clothing uses the perfect mascot for there brand: A Teddy Bear. The teddy bear is a symbol of comfort, and anyone chasing there dreams will definitely need comfort. I felt they truly understood there brand and found a creative way to connect to the motivated dreamer.  
Learn more about the brand: 
Instagram: @Chasedreamscl


Nonchalant caught my attention with its dope Aaliyah detail. I loved the way the brand represents individuality and not conforming to trends. It’s because of brands like Nonchalant that fashion continues to grow. I appreciate Nonchalants creativity and ability to push the envelope.

Learn more about the Brand:
______________________________________________________________ __________

LA Heisman never disappoints. You can always expect excellence from there brand. The material, the image, the quality is above and beyond. The LA Heisman hat is a mandatory staple and I highly recommend adding it to your collection. 


The Bank Sale is not only a great event to learn about street brands, but you also meet people that love streetwear and get to watch artist hit the stage. I saw MC IMPRINT perform almost a year ago and we stayed in contact on IG. He is Power 106 – Who’s Next Champion. He always puts on a great show, and it has been awesome to see his career grow.

Instagram: @mcimprint

Dj Mustard & friends hit the stage and had everyone singing all of his hits. 

The Bank Sale always seems to out do themselves, I cant wait to attend the next one! Make sure to follow @thebanksale and @thebankgrls on Instagram to stay up to date on the next Bank Sale.

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This article was written by: Shantal Cole
Instagram/Facebook/ Twtiter: Shantalcole


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