The Bank Sale: Best Dressed

One of my favorite things about attending Fashion events all year is seeing what people wear. There is always a few people who’s individual style inspires me with there individual style.

Here is the Best Dressed List of The Bank Sale

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ROPER – Designer

I loved the paint detail on Ropers denim on denim outfit. Roper is wearing his own collection with customized Timberlands by John Born. You can also see Ropers collection on some of your favorite celebrities, including August Alsina. 

Learn more about Ropers Collection: 
Instagram: @RoperRope

John Born – Artist & Musician

Johns placement of the gold zipper detail, textured fabric and custom Timberlands caught my eye. His outfit shows how detail can make you stand out in a crowd. Johns look was created by Roeper, and John customized his and Roepers Timberlands. 
Check out his Art:
Instagram: @JohnBorn

Best Dressed Couple – Ace & Monica
 Ace & Monica manged to compliment each others look and still stay true to there personal style. Couples can be “Too Matchy” or not compliment each other, but Ace & Monica have found a balance that definitely shows in there style. They are a cute couple, with style. 🙂
KEANA LANE – Recording Artist
I love the contrast within Keanas outfit. The black and white is classic, the bandeau top is edgy and her heels are feminine. Keana is proving that she has a true personal style by being able to mix her look.
Follow and check out her Music
Instagram: @KeanaLane
Sky & Viandra
Love how Sky and Viandra are both wearing 4 of the same popular trends, but have styled the look differently to fit within there own personal style. It proves that even though a style maybe popular, there is multiple ways to wear it, & stand out. Sky and Viandra have done a great job of taking a fashion trend and making it through own.

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Instagram: @itsssvia & @skylenaaaa 

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Thank You

Do you have a trend, or style that you are not sure on how to wear? Leave a comment below on a style that you would like inspiration on and I will feature it on the blog! 

This article was written by: Shantal Cole
Instagram/Facebook/ Twtiter: Shantalcole


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