Nail Obsession: Laque Nail Bar

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Laque Nail Bar is thee best place to get your nails done!!

They are located in North Hollywood and have painted on some of our favorite celebs nails. Nail design has become an accessory to ones style, and is a fun way to express ourselves.

Here is a few examples of Laques work:
Laque Nail Bar is known for its attention to detail. As you can see above, they can bring all of your nail fantasy’s to life. There creativity is unmatched and are always pushing the envelope on nail designs while perfecting there clients nails.
Learn More About Laque Nail Bar:
Instagram: @laquenailbar 

Book your appointment now, because they do get full.
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This article was written by: Shantal Cole
Instagram/Facebook/ Twtiter: Shantalcole

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