"Ladies Who Brunch ATL" Shuts Down LA!!

They Came, They Saw, They Conquered!!!

This past Sunday, everybody was flooding timelines with pictures from Ladies Who Brunch Atl to LA. It was the place to be!!! The venue was packed with fabulous women excited to hear from the panelist.
The founders and host of Ladies Who Brunch ATL, Dayira & Bianca did an amazing job asking the right question to benefit the guest. 
The panelist shared valuable information about there business and themselves.
Olori Swank
(Celebrity Fashion Stylist & Online Boutique Owner) 
Olori Swank gave great advice, stating that its okay to start where you are, because if you wait til everything is perfect, you will never start your business. She also shared that even though her popularity and success started in ATL, she was broke, and had $300 in her name when she decided to move to Los Angeles. Olori online store Swank Blue now Gross $100k a month.

Karen Civil
(Digital Media Curator)
Karen Civil never disappointments, her confidence is unmatched and her advice is straight forward. She shared that she is able to make big moves because she is fearless. Literally, she is not afraid and does not fear her ideas. When she stated this, the rooms vibe shifted, the women gasped and cheered. I believe that statement helped a lot of women realize that they feared there ideas. Karen also shared  that she use to be really shy, and that she had to make the decision to be her own hero. 
Shayla Mitchell 
(Professional Make-up Artist)
Shayla’s transparency was truly appreciated by the attendees. She shared that she is still figuring out her purpose, and that social media has played a big part in her success. She is going on two years of being an entrepreneur, and says that her biggest fear use to be a client not liking her work. Shayla says she built her confidence by telling herself that the client hired her for a reason. Shayla was also asked a question by an attendee who was at a crossroad with starting there career, and Shayla encouraged her to “jump” and go for her dreams.

Miss Diddy
(Lifestyle Specialist)
Our LA girl Miss Diddy, gave an important reminder that being a entrepreneur/ hustler is a choice. That her and the panelist have chosen a lifestyle that requires them to hustle in order to make there goals come true. The rooms vibe shifted with this statement. I believe that she inspired the attendees to take responsibility in there career choice. 
Miss Diddy also sat down with us for a one on one interview. The full interview will be posted on our YouTube that launches April 19!
 Fashionably Informed Daily (shantalcole): Thank you so much to @missdiddyla for letting me interview her for @fashionably_informed Can't wait to share the full interview on on our official YouTube!!! Launching April 19!!! ❤️❤️ www.FashionablyInformedDaily.com

Elle Varner was the surprised guest, and the attendees were very excited to meet her. Elle shared a few words of encouragement and was inspired to see women empowering women. 

The overall event was amazing and I look forward to the next one! 

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You can also see pictures from the event by looking up  #lwbATLtoLA 

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Me on the red carpet 🙂 I had such a good time!
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This article was written by: Shantal Cole
Instagram/Facebook/ Twtiter: Shantalcole

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