How to dress for Success!! (For productive, hard working people ONLY)

When “Sunday Funday” is coming to an end, there is ONE mandatory thing each productive hard working person must do! Plan and Prepare for your Productive Week!!

How do you do this?

Step 1. PLAN

Take a look at your calendar or planner and see what your schedule looks like. Do you have appointments, meetings, class, gym, etc.

Step 2. Prepare

Create each look for Monday thru Friday. Not only does this save you time, it makes sure that you show up looking the part! So make sure that dress or suit you want to wear for your meeting is ready and your gym clothes are packed.

Step 3. Productive

Now that you look the part, make sure to use your extra time to make sure to follow through! Go to class, make it to the gym. Make each day count!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” -Benjamin Franklin

Have a great week!

Stop by the Blog Daily for great ways to use fashion as a tool for personal Success!





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